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Woolworths Yoghurts

Woolworths Yoghurts – Low fat Smooth yoghurt relaunch

The Dairy category embarked on an extensive benchmarking, market analyses and customer research exercise during the last two years. This was conducted locally and internationally in conjunction with customers, yoghurt experts and leading edge technical centres.

We see the yoghurt market in South Africa as a major opportunity. Our plan is to grow our current yoghurt market share from 12% to 15% during the next 2/3 years.

Woolworths has the only  yoghurt range in South Africa that is FREE from added preservatives. It also contains our exclusive,  Howaru™  probiotic cultures that aids digestion and increases the body’s immune system when eaten regularly. This is particularly important, as preserved yoghurts last so long,  that all the good cultures dies off and has no or very little  benefit to the customer.

The South African yoghurt market is dominated by low fat smooth yoghurt.  This category was identified as a growth opportunity for Woollies. The market positions Low Fat Smooth Yoghurts as the price fighter and an everyday offer for the family.

Our key activity this summer is focussed on relaunching our new low fat smooth yoghurts.

We believe that our previous Essentials low fat smooth yoghurts were not competitive with the market in terms of eating quality and price.  A decision  was taken to stabilise the low fat smooth yoghurt range with gelatine,  because of the following benefits:

–  delivery of outstanding eating quality

–  improving consistency

–  remaining price competitive to the market

This bovine gelatine is certified HALAAL. Halaal certified gelatine is widely used in the market,  in particular by the two market leaders and dominant yoghurt players.

All other yoghurts will remain FREE of gelatine – this comprises 90% of range. These have and will continue to be stabilised by plant based pectin.  Customers who prefer pectin, instead of gelatine, can still choose from 76 other yoghurt products.

The new launch takes place week commencing 7 November and consists of 7 lines, please refer to lines listed below.*

The packaging will be clearly labelled for our customers’ information and convenience.

The products will be labelled as follows:

  • Gelatine will be included in the ingredients list (back of pack)
  • a NIHT Halaal logo (front of pack for 6 x 100 g, back of pack for 1 kg)

The yoghurt is suitable for Muslim customers.

Please note that the 7 yoghurt products do NOT include a:

  • Kosher logo
  • Vegetarian with milk logo

The yoghurt is NOT suitable for Jewish, Hindu and vegetarian customers.  (As are similar yoghurts in the market)

The addition of gelatine is the only change in the recipe. ALL Woolworths yoghurt products:

  • are free from added preservatives
  • have the exclusive HOWARU™ Bifido probiotic culture
  • are audited rBST hormone free
  • use only natural colourants

In summary, we are launching a very competitive yoghurt range with the Woolies Difference as part of our move to be more of a main shop in all categories.

The Dairy Team

*Gelatine containing yoghurts

– 1 kg Low Fat Smooth Strawberry Flavoured Yoghurt

– 1 kg Low Fat Smooth Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt

– 1 kg Low Fat Smooth Summer Fruit Flavoured Yoghurt

– 6 x 100 g Low Fat Smooth Strawberry, Pear, Summer Fruit Flavoured Yoghurts

– 6 x 100 g Low Fat Smooth Strawberry Flavoured Yoghurt

– 6 x 100 g Low Fat Smooth Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana Flavoured Yoghurts

– 6 x 100 g Low Fat Smooth Mango, Cherry, Granadilla Flavoured Yoghurts

 JAMIAT COMMENT: There is a difference of opinion on the bovine gelatine issue. The Jamiats view is of abstention.

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