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Etiquette of speaking to women

Question: What is the etiquette of talking to women in general and in the following situations: buying and selling; teaching and learning; meetings to discuss work, such as explaining something specific to her? What is …

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SnowFlake Cake Mix Now Halaal

10 February 2017 coinciding with 12 Jumaadal Oolaa 1438 In 2011 I added a post on Snowflake Cake Mixes in South Africa not certified halaal by any governing body. http://www.ummulhasanaat.co.za/snowflake-easy-mix-cake-mixes-haraam A few days ago, the …

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Does Acupuncture break the Fast?

Question: Does acupuncture, if it is used to decrease or increase weight, break the fast of one who is fasting? Answer: Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: Using needles is an ancient Chinese way of reducing …

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Q & A on Sadaqat-ul Fitr

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Sadaqat-ul Fitr Q. To whom can Sadaqatul Fitr be given? A. Sadaqatul Fitr should preferably be given Muslims who are eligible for Zakaat. (al-Fataawa Hindiyyah) Q. On whom is Sadaqatul Fitr …

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Does burping break the fast?

Question: Does burping break the fast? Answer: Praise be to Allah. Burping refers to when air comes out from the stomach, making a sound, through the mouth when one is full. Simply burping does not …

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