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SnowFlake Cake Mix Now Halaal

10 February 2017 coinciding with 12 Jumaadal Oolaa 1438

In 2011 I added a post on Snowflake Cake Mixes in South Africa not certified halaal by any governing body. http://www.ummulhasanaat.co.za/snowflake-easy-mix-cake-mixes-haraam

Snowflake Creations Cake Mix HalalA few days ago, the National Risk Manager at Premier Foods, Mr Niemann, emailed me to inform me that Snowflake Easymix cake mixes are now certified halaal. Attached in the email was proof of the certification of a list of Snowflake Easymixes certified halaal, not by SANHA, but by the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT), one of the halaal certifying bodies in South Africa. The certificate was issued on 03 January 2017. We thank Premier Foods for their honesty and transparency in this matter. The ladies can breath a sigh of relief now.

Attached is the image of the certification with a list of the halaal Snowflake Easymixes.

NIHT halal cake mix

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