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Calligraphic Cursive Styles

The cursive script dates back at least to the first decades of the Muslim era. The early examples, however, lacked elegance and discipline and were used mainly for secular and practical, rather than aesthetic, purposes. …

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Naskh font in Arabic Calligraphy

Naskh (نسخ, also known as Naskhi or by its Turkish name Nesih, from Arabic نسخ) is a specific calligraphic style for writing in the Arabic alphabet, thought to be invented by Ibn Muqlah. The root …

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Thuluth font in Arabic Calligraphy

Thuluth (Arabic: ثلث “one-third”, Turkish: Sülüs) is a script variety of Islamic calligraphy, which made its first appearance in the 11th century CE (fourth century of the Hijrah). The straight angular forms of Kufic were …

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Nabi Muhammad (SAW) in Calligraphy

The Arabic script was not greatly developed in the pre-Islamic era; it was not used much at this time because the Arabs usually committed things to memory. For this reason, the development of the Arabic …

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