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7 Things your wife won’t tell you.

Most men have a hard time understanding women. Even a woman they’ve been married to for years. One minute she’s perfectly fine, the next, she’s crying like a baby. She complains about something but when …

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Advice for the Husband and Wife

The husband and wife need to be compliant, cooperative and conciliatory toward one another, and to advise each other and urge each other toward obedience to Allah (subhana wa ta’ala), following all of His ruling …

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What Porn is doing to Men

By Faraz Omar | Saudi Life “You cannot fight them even when they are busy in Salah. You cannot unless they are weakened in their faith. So display all your riches and temptations, and even …

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A woman’s aspirations/Role Models

So remarkable is this incident that it has always had an inspirational impact on all those that ever came to hear of it. The story is of Umme Sulaym (radhiallahu anha) – the mother of …

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