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Beliefs (Aqaa’id)

Fasting on Miraaj day – 27 Rajab

Question: Some people believe that the 27th Rajab is a highly blessed night which they called ‘laylat al-mab‘ath’. They claim that it is recommended to have Ghusl (bath) on this day and to observe sawm …

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Ruling on Faith Healing in Islam

Question: Some people claim that they have supernatural abilities to cure people without medical intervention – imposing of hands, reading any prayers. I know the woman who claims that she be able to heal people …

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Ruling on Atheism

Question: Which is a greater sin: Atheism or Polytheism? Answer: Praise be to Allaah. Atheism, in modern terminology, means denying the Creator altogether, denying that He exists and not acknowledging Him, may He be glorified …

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