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Welcome Ramadaan 1435

Today is 28 June 2014 coinciding with Islamic date 29 Sha’baan 1435 AH. The hilaal has been sighted. We pray the first taraweeh here in South Africa tonight and fast our first sawm tomorrow in-shaa-Allah. We ask Allah to grant us good health so that we may fast our fasts in good condition. May we not be of those who fail to take benefit from this month. It is only 30 days out of a year… Let us strive to reach our goal, which is Taqwa. May Allah accept us, our efforts.

Dua for Ramadaan

Dua when seeing the new moon

O Allah!
We are grateful that YOU have brought us into existence, made us Muslim and fashioned us amongst the Ashraf-ul Makhlooqaat ( the best of all creations).
YOU have granted us life to witness another Mubarak month of Ramadaan, month of the Qur-aan, wherein lies a night greater than a thousand months!

O our forgiving Allah!
Forgive every sin of ours, major or minor, evident or discreet.
Purify us Yaa Rabb from all evil actions as snow purifies the earth.
Revive our hearts with YOUR Kalaam.

O Ever Living Allah as water revives the dead earth.
Accept all our ‘ibaadah (worship) and grant us ikhlaas (sincerity) in every action of ours.

Oh Most Compassionate Allah,
Grant us compassion for one another in and out of Ramadaan
Ya Rabb! YOU are strong and we are indeed weak
Grant us strength to fast observing all the sunan and mustahabbaat with good health.
Oh Allah YOU are wealthy and we are indeed poor !
Guide us to use our wealth to please YOU
Uplift the poor and assist all those distressed.

There is no Helper and no Guide except YOU O Allah!
Help the oppressed Muslims all over the world.
Be their comfort and strengthen their hearts with Yaqeen (conviction) and remove their difficulties.

Yaa Kareem, Most Honourable Allah,
Grant us respect and love for Qur-aan.
Grant us your ma’rifah (recognition), excellence of tawakkul (reliance), and acceptance of all a’maal( deeds).

Yaa Qawiyy, help us seek and find the Night of Power.

Yaa ‘Afuww, grant us your pleasure in this blessed month, protection from Hell fire and entrance into Paradise.

Make easy our Hisaab (reckoning) on the day of Qiyaamah (Judgement).

O Most Forgiving of those who forgive, forgive all the amwaat ( those who have passed away), enlighten their quboor (graves) and grant them ease and comfort, be pleased with them forever.

Ya Rabb, we beg YOU, do not turn us away, for who would grant our prayer if YOU turn us away?

O Allah the Acceptor of Du‘ās (prayers) accept our du‘ā).

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