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Valentine’s Day in Islam

Valentines Day in IslamSaying “I love you” should be everyday and not just on a certain day. The commercialisation of it all is ridiculous and a waste of money.
Valentine’s Day is a jaahili Roman festival, which continued to be celebrated until after the Romans became Christian. This festival became connected with the saint known as Valentine who was sentenced to death on 14 February 270 CE. This festival is still celebrated today. So what is the problem if Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it wrong when Muslims think lightly of receiving a red rose or a box of chocolate hearts? Yes there is. Would a Muslim celebrate Diwali or Christmas? So why should Thanksgiving, Halloween or Valentines Day be celebrated? Below is proof (daleel) why we cannot partake of these festivals. “For every nation We have ordained religious ceremonies which they must follow”. [al-Hajj 22:67]

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullah) said: Festivals are part of sharee’ah, clear way and rituals of which Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “To each among you, We have prescribed a law and a clear way”. [al-Maa’idah 5:48] There is no difference between their participating in the festival and their participating in all other rituals. Joining in fully with the festival is joining in with kufr, and joining in with some of its minor issues is joining in with some of the branches of kufr. Indeed, festivals are one of the most unique features that distinguish various religions and among their most prominent symbols, so joining in with them is joining in with the most characteristic and prominent symbols of kufr. No doubt joining in with this may lead to complete kufr.

May Allah guide us to remain steadfast in what we believe. Valentines Day is every day, not to be celebrated by Muslims. A fluffy bear doesn’t do much once a year if the rest of the year goes by without letting someone know how much they mean to you. Life is short as clichéd as it sounds. Don’t wait to show those you care about how you feel about them.

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