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The Young Mind Series gets a new design

Ummul Hasanaat has just updated the Young Minds Series of books. The new and improved books have beautiful new covers, enhanced activities and improved quality. The new books will be available on the Islamic Store very soon. Orders can be given directly to Madrassah Ummul Hasanaat as well.

The Young Mind Series
The Young Minds Series is a set of four books at Pre-School (Grade R) level. It consists of a Workbook, Huroof Colouring Book, Activity Book, and a Huroof Activity Book.

The Workbook is a syllabus which includes the necessary subjects (Aqaaid, Fiqh, Akhlaaq and Aadaab, Taareekh and Seerah, and Ahaadeeth). It aims to give children an introduction to Islam and an understanding of who Muslims are and what is required of them at this age. It also contains subject text of the lessons as well as simple recall type exercises. It is a wonderful foundation for the building of a comprehensive Islamic education.

The Huroof Colouring Book is an arabic alphabet book incorporated with arabic vocabulary for each alphabet. It’s fun and simple, yet with the turning of each page an arabic word is learnt with each new letter.

The Activity Book is designed to stimulate the minds of children. We have included many interesting activities to help children build their problem-solving, decision making and reasoning skills. These activities should help in everyday life experience of the child.

The Huroof Activity Book engages students in writing the arabic alphabet. It includes writing activities along with some problem-solving activities. It is aimed at manipulation of writing tools as well as recognition and differentiation of the various huroof. It is a good resource to teach children basic writing of the arabic language.

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