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The year 2011 / 1432-1433 AH comes to a close

What a hectic week it has been, and it’s only Wednesday! Ummul Hasanaat Newcastle closed today while the last day for Ummul Hasanaat Johannesburg is tomorrow. Congratulations to all the students who worked hard. Thank you to all the parents, for all the Aashura gifts, it is very much appreciated. Madrasah closed with the parents meeting and the handing out of reports, certificates and trophies today.
The heat was unbearable today. Those who fasted can tell you about it. Allah accept our efforts. Thank you parents for attending the meeting, I know it was a scorcher even with the fan on. This shows your caring and concern for your child’s deeni education.A big thank you to Mu’allim Rashaad for designing the certificates. We also honoured Mu’allimah Fahdia with a certificate of appreciation. Her efforts are valued.

Jazaakumullahu Ahsanal Jazaa to everyone who has been part of Ummul Hasanaat. Let’s continue to work in our triangle of teacher-parent-student. When there is harmony in that, great students emerge.
Please forgive us for our shortcomings and mistakes. May Allah keep us united as a loving family.

P.S May Allah grant Mu’allimah Kaashifa shifaa kaamil, she has not been well for a while, yet she continued to work untiringly to the end of the year for the sake of Allah to fulfill her amaanah of imparting Deeni knowledge. “We love you, look after yourself. Your body has a right over you Mu’alimah!”
May Allah also grant shifaa kaamil to Bhai Abdul Wahhaab Saheb and Moulana Zubair in India.

It will indeed feel strange to not be teaching for the next few weeks, if I will indeed not be teaching… remains to be seen. However I DO look forward to the break and slowing down of my routine as I’m sure the other Mu’allimahs will be looking forward to as well. No rush… More time with my daughter.
Children, remember that you are Muslims before anything else. Please behave in the manner that Muslims are supposed to behave, this is not our festive season, exercise caution and restraint during the holidays. Remind each other about Allah even if you sound like a stuck record. Parents please revise and listen to the recitation of Qur’aan with your children every day. It is your duty.
Remember we are Muslim and Mu’min throughout the year.

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