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The World by a concerned sister.

Assalamu alaikum
I would just like to make the following points about how Muslim organisations are supporting the
World Cup and the utter disgust and revulsion I feel at this.
1.) Channel Islam’s support of the World Cup. I was at the CII store in Lenasia at the Trade Route
Mall and was disgusted to find that the window had a mannequin dressed in soccer paraphernalia
together with an American flag and a whole host of other World cup symbols. At the same time,
there were “islamic” items such as scarves and topis with the world cup colours i.e. yellow and
2.) Sanha has a list of certified halaal stores to be found at stadia. Due to the fact that Fifa
supports, amongst others, the banning of the scarf, I think that this is a disgrace and equates to
supporting Fifa.
3.) Many Muslims are openly reselling Fifa concert and match tickets and are also attending these
events. Muslims businesses are included in this with some spending thousands of rands on such
haraam events.
4.) A moulana is performing Jumu’ah salaah at Nasrec before the opening match at Soccer City.
This is being done to allow those who do not want to miss the opening because of Jumu’ah salaah
to quickly finish their salaah behind this moulana. The adhaan is at 12:15, Khutbah at 12:20 and
salaah at 12:30. Is this not a mockery of Islam?
JazakAllah and may Allah save us from such fitnah… Ameen
Ma’assalaam A concerned sister

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  1. Slms

    Islam is not being mocked.
    The question one should raise is what type of Muslim is practising Islam today?
    Muslims generally have turned their backs wayyyyyyyyyyyy before the World Cup; all we have to do is read the ahaadeeth and then compare what we have read with what’s going on in the world.

  2. I think the mere fact that they can have Jumah at the World Cup stadium is a huge mockery to Islam. Ask yourself, world Nabi (SAW) or even the Sahabah (PBUT) have gone to an even like that, let alone have Jumah there. If the Muslims were so pious enough to have salaah there I feel that they shouldnt have even attended in the first place.

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