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Thank you all who have made an effort for Islam

Our first term break has ended and it’s back to work. Winter is fast approaching here in SA. You can feel the chill in the mornings and in the evenings. Hats off to those who wake for their Qiyaamul-Layl each day. May Allah keep us steadfast on our fardh and nafl salaah. We take so much for granted with regards of freedom of religion and expression in this country. It is really a bounty to be able to spread your religion without any one hampering your efforts or to freely practice and propagate without the risk of torture and imprisonment. Shukr to Allah!

Islam goes way back in SA from the late sixteenth century in fact. Much has been done for Islam to spread since then. From Shaikh to Abdurahman Matebe Shah to Imaam Sa’id Alushi from Mukhaa (Yemen), to Shaikh Yusuf of Bantam, to the indentured labourers in Durban to the present day ‘Ulama and Muslim communities who uphold their faith… We salute you.

Many a times when I do a lesson with the kids,I remind them that we should be grateful for having such wonderful books from the Jamiatul Ulama in South Africa, especially, Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal, Talimi Board Kwa-Zulu Natal and Lenasia Muslim Association. These bodies have made remarkable contributions to the field of Islamic education. It is especially great to see them open to find new ways of educating the youth. Particularly the Jamiat KZN http://talimiboardkzn.org/, always sharing whatever knowledge they have with others and working with others with the aid of modern technology to help the masses. You feel good when you see some effort, be it a newsletter or a new text book or anything however small, out there to propagate Deen. It’s good to see organisations not stuck in the dark ages and using whatever means there is to promote and spread Islam. If there other organisations that I have not mentioned, my apologies. I only speak of the sytems and syllabii I personally know of and use, but I’m sure there are others who have made invaluable contributions in the field of propagating Islam.

Thank you to all who have contributed. Those who work tirelessly in the propagation field, those in the background whom nobody mentions, the parents and teachers who keep looking for new and fresh ways to keep Deenul Islam alive, the designers, the admins, the students, the Maktabs, the Khaanqahs, the Jama’at-ut-Tableegh, the charitable organisations, the man on the street who gives his neighbours a smile each morning with his ever-shining akhlaaq (charachter)… Because WE ARE ALL inviters to this religion. JAZAAKALLAHU KHAIR AL JAZAA for putting your best foot forward for our beautiful Islam.

We cannot thrive without propagation and practicing what we preach to others. May Allah accept our humble efforts and may we never stop and be complacent with the little that we are doing. There will always be ways to improve ourselves and our systems of education and propagation. We pray that we remain united in South Africa, that we should always enjoy this freedom of religion and that we continue our efforts with purity of intention.

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