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Syria Blanket Drive

Syria Blanket Drive

The Colours of Hope Organisation in association with Gift of the Givers announces the SYRIA BLANKET DRIVE.
With the freezing winter brought by Storm Alexa, in Syria and the surrounding Middle East including Turkey, many refugees will face death by hypothermia.
Children are particularly vulnerable, the sub-zero temperatures exposing them to pneumonia and a host of other deadly respiratory diseases.

Initially COH (Colours of Hope organisation) were only collecting stationery for the Syria Stationery Drive, but with the unrelenting cold, we decided to send blankets. It was a keen idea of sister Toughedah Jacobs of Cape Town, who emailed us saying, “I have no idea of how to get the blankets and warm clothes to Syria and that is why I thought of reaching out to you.” So the Blanket Drive was born. We will be collecting for just about 4 weeks as the cut-off date is the same as for the Syria Stationery Drive, 25 February 2014.

Between November and February, temperatures can drop as low as minus six and with over two million refugees in the region. One million of them children. Hurry and donate a blanket today and you might save a child’s life.

Drop off points are as the Syria Stationery Drive.

Download your poster for the Syria Blanket Drive.

Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ummulhasanaat

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