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South African Hajj Quota Reduction

SAHUC Press Statement | 12 June 2013

On 5 April 2013, the South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) signed the Agreements for Hajj 1434 as forwarded by the Saudi Arabian Minister of Hajj, Dr Bandar bin Mohammad al-Hajjaar.

And in terms thereof, SAHUC was awarded 2500 visas for Hajj 1434H (2013).

On 3 June 2013, we were reliably informed that the Saudi Arabian Ministers Council resolved to reduce the quotas of nations by 20%. The impact for South Africa is a reduction of 500 visas.

We have not been formally informed, but have been notified telephonically that the letter is en route to SAHUC via the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pretoria.

SAHUC has accredited 2500 pilgrims out of 16174 applications for Hajj 1434.

These 2500 pilgrims took up packages from 18 Hajj Operators.

SAHUC has on receipt of the username and password of the Hajj Ministry online Hajji tracking system, loaded the required information per Hajj Operator into the online tracking system.

This development is beyond the control of SAHUC we urge the community, especially the affected Hajji to exercise patience whilst during this trying time.

We have alerted DIRCO and our Diplomatic Corp in the KSA to the problem seeking Government’s assistance to find a resolve.

Whilst the Haram (Holy Mosque in Makkah) is undergoing major renovations to increase capacity for pilgrims and will not be ready in time for Hajj, we must be understanding to the plight of the Saudi government but also try to the best of our ability that our 2500 accredited Hujjaaj actually performs Hajj in 1434H (2013).

All attempts are being made to facilitate 2500 Hujjaaj, however, the possibility exists that we have to de-accredit 500 persons applying the date and time basis of application.

It is our fervent dua that ALLAH guide, helps and protect us. For ALLAH All-mighty is the supreme helper.

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