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Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Children with ADHD typically:
are restless, fidgety and overactive

continuously chatter and interrupt people

are easily distracted and do not finish things

are inattentive, have short attention spans and cannot concentrate on tasks

are impulsive, suddenly doing things without thinking first

have difficulty waiting their turn in games, in conversation or in a queue.

daydream when others are talking to him/her

are always looking for things that they have just put down somewhere

are always late

are easily bored

has a LOT of energy

are sometimes disorganised

The above are common signs of ADHD. There are however different types of ADHD. For example, the child with “Over-Focused ADHD”,
may worry a LOT, even over things that don’t really matter much

can be very oppositional to parents

may like to argue

may be somewhat compulsive about the way things ought to be done

will have a very hard time shifting from one activity to another

always wants to have his way.

25% of people with ADHD suffer from depression. Children with this type of (Depressive) ADHD are usually:

have a chronic sadness or low-grade depression

seem to be negative, or apathetic

have low energy levels

they just do not seem to care

they often feel worthless, or helpless, or hopeless

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