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Sheikh Abu Bakr Al Shatri to visit South Africa

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World renowned reciter Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash Shatri will be visiting South Africa and gracing us with some Quraanic Recitations. Many muslims throughout the world love his style of reciting and many try to imitate him as well. We, in Newcastle South Africa, will have the honor of hosting this great Imaam and are sure to be inspired. Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat will attend and will update you.

Sheikh Abu Bakr al Shatri, born Abu Bakr Ibn Mohamed Al Shatri in 1970 in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), is Saudi Imam and Quraan reciter.

Sheikh Abu Bakr Ash Shatri grew up in Jeddah and graduated in Holy Quraan Studies from Sheikh Aymane Rochdi Suwaid in 1416 Hijri and then earned a master in accountancy four years later.

He has led prayers in many Saudi masaajid (mosques) like Al Rajihi, Said Ibn Jubair (Kandara), Abdullatif Jamil, Attakwa (Al Rawda), AChouiaibi (Assalama). He is currently the Imam of Al Furkane Mosque in Hay Annassim, Jeddah.

Abu Bakr Ash Shatri participated in numerous Islamic conferences and events in many Muslim countries like Egypt, South Africa, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Abu Bakr Ash Shatri is married and has four children. He is known as Abi Abdarrahmane.

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  1. assalaamualaykum

    plz can u provide the full details of where sheikh shatri performs the 5 daily salaah…i also want the adress of the musjid and if possible the gps co ordinates…i would like to visit him in jeddah and the last thing to happen is to get lost in jeddah bcoz i dont no the roads …

    sorry to cause inconvenience



  2. As Salaamu Alaykum
    Brother Muhammad

    I’m sorry I do not have such information about the Shaikh. No shaikh would give us such personal information anyway. I think the shuyookh would feel it an intrusion if their addresses were so freely available.
    Gps coordinates… I do not have coordinates of Shaikh Shatri or any other shaikh for that matter.


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