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Shaykh Sabouni at Darul Uloom Newcastle

Shaykh Muhammad Ali Sabouni, 83 year old renowned Syrian Aalim will be honouring us with his esteemed presence here in Newcastle, at the Darul Uloom’s 41st anniversary Jalsah on Saturday, 23 November 2013.

I remember my brother coming home in 1996 or was it 1997- I forget, and describing to us this striking Shaykh from Halab (Aleppo) of Hanafiyy madh-hab (school of thought) and his tafseer (commentary of Qur-aan)- Safwah-at-Tafaaseer, the 3 volume Tafseer kitaabs I remember. “I remember his noor and whiteness” recalls Moulana Rashaad Mayet, still reminiscing about the first time he saw Shaykh Muhammad Ali Sabouni. It is many years later and there is still much excitement here in Newcastle with the arrival of Shaykh Sabouni.

Shaykh Sabouni arrived in Cape Town on Monday, 18 November 2013 and will spend two days in the city meeting with ‘Ulamaa’.

The Shaykh continued in his solidarity of his people, describing the harrowing reality of the Syrian people. He asked how people who rape and massacre innocent people in the name of love of their president call themselves Muslim? He made clear his stance on those who villify and condemn the Sahaabah (RadiyAllaahu ‘anhum)- Companions of The Prophet of Allah (Sallallaaju ‘Alayhi wa Sallam).

“The whole world is sitting in darkness. They don’t understand who Allah is. They don’t understand why we are in this world, because we haven’t yet stood up and did what we have been sent to this world to do. We need to actually take our place back and be able to bring the whole of mankind closer to Allah. This is a responsibility that we have been given always.”

From 21 November 2013, the honourable Shaykh Muhammad ‘Ali Sabouni will be giving dars (lessons) at Darul Uloom Newcastle and will be present at the Khatm al-Bukhari commencing on Sunday morning (09:30), 24 November 2013.

We are once again honoured with his visit and we pray that Allah makes the upcoming Jalsah, a gathering of hidaayah and spiritual upliftment for us all. And let us NOT forget the Syrian people. Support humanitarian aid in any way you can and of course don’t forget our Syria Stationery Drive.

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