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Qur’aans delivered in Kerala

On 04 August 2010 brother Abu Bakr asked us for assistance in getting Qur’ans delivered to Ernakulam, Kochi in Kerala. For those of you who don’t know about this, read the comment left by brother Abu Bakr on the post Madeenah Printing Press. We responded and tried to get 60 Qur’ans to him so that he could distribute it to four masaajid during Ramadhaan. Alhamdulillah it gives me great pleasure to announce that 60 Qur’ans were delivered to brother Abu Bakr in Kochi, Kerala on 27 August 2010 by Islamic Publishing House (Calicut, India). A big thanks to Muallim Rashaad, sister Bilqis, Aunty Habiba, Islamic Publishing House and everyone who donated to make this noble deed possible. Below are the Qur’ans delivered to brother Abu Bakr.

Qurans that were delivered by IPH In Kochi, Kerala

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  1. Dear Sauda

    A while ago I received 60.Quran text book from IPH, please see the attachments that you can see the pictures taken from my mobile in the shop, finally Allah fulfill our needs, thank you so much for your affort for getting this to my hand, every time some one read this Quran from any Masjid we all will get the rewards until the Quran remain in the Masjid, take care, God bless you all the time.

    Thank You & Kind Regards

    Abu Baker
    AB Computers&Mobiles
    Eranakulam, Kochi.682020, Kerala, South India
    Mob: +989596 6171,Tel: +91484 2320309
    kkabubaker @ gmail.com, @ hotmail.com, @ in.com

  2. You’re welcome brother Abu Baker

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