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Importance of studying Seerah

Many Muslims claim to love Allah and His Rasool (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) yet our actions and appearances say otherwise. Yes, Allah does not look at your appearance but the nature of the deed and …

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15th Sha’baan, authentic or not?

There has been much confusion and controversy regarding this Laylatu Nisfu min-ash-Sha’baan or better known in the sub-continent as Shaab-e- Baraat. Literally In Arabic “Laylah” means “night”, “Nisf” means half, “min” means “from” and Sha’baan …

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Some Bid’ah Acts of 15th Sha’baan

SOME BID’AH PRACTICES ASSOCIATED WITH LAYLATU NISF-USH-SHA’BAAN (15TH SHA’BAAN) / SHABE-BARAAT The occasion of Laylatul Baraa-ah has become synonymous with some baseless beliefs and practices. 1. Burning lights and candles: Nothing has or can be …

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