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5 Advices for Haajis (Pilgrims)

Shaykh Naasirud-Din al-Albani’s (rahimahullah) “The Rites of Hajj and ‘Umrah” from the Book and the Sunnah and Narrations from the Pious Predecessors provides some advice for the pilgrims. These are some pieces of advice and …

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Sprouting the seeds of Imaan

As parents we feel the need to fulfill every requirement of our growing children, be it food, education, leisure time, etc. In terms of physical needs being met, most of us go all out. But …

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Ruling on keeping a dog to guard houses?

Question: Is it permissible to keep a dog to guard houses? Answer: An-Nawawi (rahimahullah) said:  There is a difference of opinion as to whether it is permissible to keep dogs for purposes other than these …

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