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Mu’allimah Kaashifa leaving for ‘Umrah and Jordan

Mu’allimah Kaashifa (Ummul Hasanaat Gauteng) and her husband will be leaving for ‘Umrah and Jordan soon for six weeks Insha’allah. We make du’a for a safe journey and that Allah accept their humble efforts and sacrifice for His Deen. Aameen. We also ask them to remember us all in their du’as.

Mu’allimah Sa’uda and the rest of the staff at Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat

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  1. Rashaad Sallie

    May you’ll have a safe trip and may Allah accept every bit of effort put in. Please make dua for us and return home safely – Insha Allah.

  2. slamu alaikom ,i’m from jordan ,i spend time with kashifa here in jordan, i will tell kaashifa that u make du’a for her and ur asking her to make du’a for you inshaallah

  3. Jazakallah. Muallimah Kaasifah has safely arrived back home on Monday. She thoroughly enjoyed the trip and says she loved the Jordanians. Hopefully we will get a nice article about her trip.

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