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Mu’allimah Fahdia Palm leaves Ummul Hasanaat

With tears, long hugs and good du’as, we bid Mu’allimah Fahdia farewell. Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat cannot repay her for her valuable time and knowledge that she has imparted over the four years that she has been with us. It has been an absolute pleasure having her as part of the Ummul Hasanaat family. May Allah grant her istiqaamah (steadfastness) and istikhlaas (sincerity) in all her endeavours of Deen and reward her as it is only befitting that the reward for teaching Deenul Islām should come from the One for whom it was taught.

With the parting of our dearest Mu’allimah Fahdia, we welcome back Mu’allim Rashaad Sallie once again and our new teacher in training Mu’allimah Maseeha Lakhi. We are proud to announce that Mu’allimah Maseeha is Ummul Hasanaat’s first ever graduate and is currently doing her first year Aalimah Faadhilah with Ummul Hasanaat tertiary in the morning session.

Mu’allimah Alidja also joins us for her first year in teaching at Ummul Hasanaat. She has also been a student of mine for first year nahw and sarf (arabic grammar) a few years ago. May Allah grant all the educators here at Ummul Hasanaat, true understanding of Deen, may we never lose sight of why we impart knowledge and the importance of learning and teaching and may Allah keep us all with steadfastness in Deen in times of ease and difficulty alike.

Your continued support and du’as are appreciated.

If you wish to teach at Ummul Hasanaat, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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