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Last words for the year 2010 /1431 AH

We are coming closer to the end of the year. Some of our students are parting from us, most are remaining, others are joining for the next year we hope to see Insha’allah.
It has been challenging and great educating the kids, but rewarding as always. The Mu’allimahs have done fantastic jobs. Mu’allimah Fahdia has shown great initiative with new ways of learning for the kids in her class. Ma’sha’allah! Most important is the link between parent and teacher. Without that, great students will never be. Here’s some food for thought parents…
What’s the most important thing a parent needs to raise a child?
Money? That will not last forever. So what will?


Educating the heart is done by teaching Life’s Lessons – the overriding principles that govern our lives – and the matching Life Skills that make it work. I came across this book “Raise your kids right the first time around” by Martha Stevens. She says…
“Educating the heart develops good character 
qualities and includes such things as . . .
 Being a willing and diligent worker
 Doing chores without being told and doing it well
 Reaching out and helping others
 Learning conversational skills
 Making and keeping friends
 And much more.
How do you teach your children to be emotionally healthy? To be hard working, respectful, not backtalking or yelling at you? How do you teach good character qualities and life principles and instill it deep in their hearts? It’s really not as 
hard as you may think. Kids love it, no, change that to . . . they are hungry for it! 
Why else would the second graders be willing to give up recess? They really do  
want to know!

Children, like all humans,
have Four sides . . .
1. Physical  (The Body)
    You feed, clothe and keep them active and in good shape.
2. Mental  (The Brain)
    You send them to school to be educated.
3. Emotional  (The Heart)
    It, too, must be educated. Done by the parents – YOU – at home.
4. Spiritual  (Your Faith)
    Gives meaning to life. Without it, the other three do not satisfy us.

Taking care of all four sides produces a “well rounded” individual. As the parent, your 
obligation is to see that all four sides of your child are cared for and developed. After
all, what are parents for? Are you just a caretaker? A warden? No. You are, and 
must see yourself as…
• Teacher
• Mentor
• Coach
• Guide and
• Cheerleader
…all rolled into one.
Teachers, Mentors, Coaches and Guides not only teach their students, cheer them 
on with praise and encouragement, but also critique and correct them. But you’ll 
notice Critic is not on the list.

You want them to be:
• Industrious workers. (Diligent and busy, not slackers or lazy)
• Self Starters. (Need no pushing or prodding)
• Able to carry a job to its completion. (Including the “finishing touches”)
• Doing chores without whining or grumbling. (A complaining child makes life weary, but a cooperative, pleasant child is energizing, and brings harmony and pleasantness into your home)
• Reaching out to help others, including their own brothers and sisters. (What a priceless quality this is, and how it delights a parent’s heart)”

You know at Ummul Hasanaat, we strive to bring the above qualities into the lives of our students. There is much caring so much so that when a student is not on the Deeni level he / she should be, or should there be some problem or difficulty, the teachers call that child’s name in supplication to Allah. We shouldn’t talk about the supplications we make but I am merely showing the degree of love that exists at Ummul Hasanaat. Here, our most important quality is LOVE and UNITY above all else. Through love we can heal, learn more, tolerate, share, respect and strive for what we love and what we love or should love is EVERYTHING Allah loves. Ummul Hasanaat is not just a madrasah, it’s a family!

We ask you to remember us in your du’as and we appreciate your continued support.

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