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Islamic products for kids

Isn’t it hard getting decent clothes, toys, books, etc. let alone Islamic ones? There aren’t many stores at hand who supply Islamic content but the world wide web is an amazing tool… Just do a search and it’s amazing what you’ll find!

I usually browse looking for good Islamic products. There are several online Islamic stores, my favourites being soundvision.com, onlineislamicstore.com and simplyislam.com. I like goodwordbooks.com for kid’s books. I however am in doubt about the extent of images added in the books but it’s great that they make Islamic books interesting for kids. This is important because western books like fairy tales and the common Disney stories are so enticing and captivating for kids, why should our Islamic books (and products) not be?

Recently my cousin sent me some “smart ark” products. So I visited www.smartark.com and was pretty amazed. It has great art prints, stationery, books and so much more. I like that they also limit images which is always a constant debate in many Muslim homes as to what extent images and what type of images are allowed in Islam. Alhamdulillah it’s good to know that there are finally stores with good Islamic products.

Do you know of any good islamic online stores?

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  1. Smart Ark does great work especially considering how difficult it is to design products and then produce them successfully. Lots can go wrong in the process. I should know since I run a company called Little Big Kids which also designs and produces Arabic and Islamic inspired products for kids out of the Washington D.C.area in the US. Check us out at http://www.littlebigkids.com and let me know what you think.

    Omar Khawaja
    Chief Big Kid

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum Omar.
    Yes we agree that it is difficult to design Islamic products for kids especially in this day and age when they are so used to the toys and products coming from the likes of Disney and Warner Bro. We try to stick to the Sunnah at all times and stay away from the use of unnecessary images that contain faces or eyes (Allah be the judge).

    At Ummul Hasanaat we design our own products as well. We have an in-house designer (myself) of which we then sell our products to the general public. We would like to tap into the international market as well and hopefully we can team up with you to add our books to your store?

    You have a great site and keep up the good work.

    Please contact us if you are interested in our books, which can be found on the PUBLICATIONS link in the menu.

    Muallim Rashaad Sallie

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