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Health Problems

Health problems
Sorcery may cause severe health disruptions. We have mentioned women’s sterility and men’s sexual impotence. It can also cause cancer, hemophilia, diabetes, kidneys’ or ovaries’ failure, water in lungs, hair loss and eczema… Psoriasis, to my knowledge, is only due to a sorcery. Doctors do not understand its mechanisms and have no appropriate treatment for it.

The medical responses are:
• “Nothing irregular in the body, everything is alright”. But the person keeps suffering.
• “There is a problem but we have never come across such one.”
• “It’s stress”, and they prescribe antidepressant drugs that arouse another problem without solving the former one.
• “You have such or such illness, but we don’t understand how it came up”.
• In all cases, there is no treatment or the treatment is not effective.

The person loses all motivation and starts no action. He will constantly postpone things, sleeping all the time, starting taking actions but soon giving them up…

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