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Half-Yearly Exams 2011/1432 AH

As Salaamu Alaykum

Respected Parent,
Kindly be informed that the Half-Yearly Examinations will commence on 06 June 2011 / 03 Rajab 1432A.H and continue until 15 June 2011 / 12 Rajab 1432 A.H. Please facilitate the revision at home with your child and ensure that he / she is dressed appropriately for the Imtihaan. Madrasah will officially close on 23 June 2010 / 20 Rajab 1432 A.H and re-open on the 18 July 2010 / 16 Sha’baan 1432 A.H Inshaa’Allah.
No classes will be held on (PUBLIC HOLIDAY) on 16 June 2011, Thurs (Youth Day). Classes will continue as normal after the 16th. NO end of term PARTY will be held on the last day of madrasah. Progress Cards will be handed out on the last day of madrasah.

The exam time-tables are different for Grade R, Class 2 and Class 8. Time table for Classes 3 to 7 are the same. Contact us should you require an extra time table.

Was Salaamu Alaykum

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