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Grade 4’s – A showcase of creativity.

I gave the Grade 4’s an assignment last week and to my surprise they did an excellent job. It was such a beautiful moment to walk into the classroom and see each student with their project by their side. I could not believe the dedication and creativity from each one of my Grade 4’s. I must say Maasha-Allah, and may you keep your enthusiasm and commitment to this Deen forever – Aameen.

The Assignment:
Each student could choose either one of three topics – The Hijrah, The Battle of Badr or The Battle of Uhud. Some students chose all three topics and depicted them beautifully. They had to depict the events of their chosen topic in any way they wished with explanations. They were given 7 days in which to complete their project. We work on a merit system, so the student with the best depiction would be rewarded with 10 merits, and of course featured on the website. Each student produced such brilliant work that we could not come a final decision on a winner – so everyone ended up with 10 merits.

The aim of the assignment was to make the students enjoy the lessons of Seerah, but most of all understand them.

Please click here to view our gallery of each students work with explanations.

Students Entries:

Humzah Olla

Topic: The Battle of Badr

Humzah made a brilliant depiction of the Battle of Badr with mountains made from paper maché and the land from sand paper. Figurines were added to show the formation of the battle and the well equipped Quraish. Although the Quraish were shown as skeletons, “It’s to show how the kuffaar were killed, Moulana.” laughed Humzah. Everyone could not believe how beautiful this model was made. Well done Humzah and keep it up.

Hamza Randeree

Topic: The Battle of Uhud

Hamza showed an excellent portrail of creativity and originality. Every part of his project was hand made. The soldiers were made from Play-Dough, swords from tooth-picks and the mountains from cardboard. I just loved the well thought out structure of Hamza’s work. “Moulana I made everything with what I had.” explained Hamza, with a huge smile. Excellent work and definitely keep it up.

Nabihah Abed

Topic: The Hijrah, The Battle of Badr and The Battle of Uhud

Nabihah made an extremely pretty poster of all three topics. Images were sourced from the internet, while the artwork was done by hand. Date pips were also stuck on. Nabihah wrote the story out which was accompanied by beautifully framed pictures. “I drew all the trees myself and wrote everything out.” said Nabihah. What can I say, except BEAUTIFUL. We have real talent in this class. Nice going Nabihah.

Sameeah Goolam

Topic: The Hijrah, The Battle of Badr and The Battle of Uhud

Sameeah also chose all three topics and beautifully displayed them on a poster in an almost collage fashion. In-depth cutouts tell the story from the Hijrah to the gruesome Battle of Uhud. Sammeeah also focused on detailed pictures and beautiful icons to liven things up. “It was really fun and hard work making my poster.” says Sameeah. Her hard work really paid off. Lovely work Sameeah and keep it up.

Sabeehah Vawda

Topic:The Battle of Badr

Made in a book format, Sabeehah depicted the Battle of Badr with a more colorful and detailed approach. A beautiful painting of the battle accompanied the story and not forgetting the creative cover design. Sabeehah said “I loved doing this project”. Sabeehah has proved that she has great talent and creativity waiting to burst out. Keep going and we can’t wait to see more from you.

It’s always a wonderful blessing to see students dedicated to their work and to this Deen. I have to give a huge thanks to the parents who assisted their kids and showed great commitment as well. We cannot do it without you nor can your kids. May Allah reward you – Aameen

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