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From Mu’allimah Kaashifa to her akhawaat

As Salaamu Alaykum

Jazakallhu khairal jazaa to all the people of Jordan and Palestine who made khidmah and nusrah of the South African sisters and brothers in Islam. The experience will forever remain unforgettable!

I miss you all so much! To Lina Fraihat, Fatimah, Areej and the akhawaat in Zarqaa and other parts of Jordan, Allahu yajzeekil khair and remember…

You Jordanian people, I lovvvve yooooou…….GIVE LOVE!

To my South African sisters,

I miss you so much. Trying to fit in my routine here at home.  Aads… Giw low (Give Love). Make du’a for me, and cry for the Ummah of Rasoolullah (SAW).

Was Salaamu Alaykum
Qalbee ma’akum


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