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1 Man 1 Can Campaign for Horn of Africa

“Children don’t choose where they are born, to whom they are born, what type of government rules them, what type of context within which they will grow up, thrive and survive. There is a moral obligation to respond in this crisis. We are all human beings.”
(UNICEF’s Director of Public Sector Alliances and Resource Mobilisation, Afshan Khan)

As Salaamu Alaikum.

The Greenside Muslim Association and The Greenside Muslim Womens Group in conjunction with The Gift of The Givers (Waqf ul Waaqifeen) have joined the 1 Man 1 Can campaign in aid of our muslim brothers and sisters in Somalia. We are asking each person to donate 1 can or more of food especially tinned fish and kajoor. Our deadline is 17 August and our aim is 500 cans. Please note that you can use your zakaat to buy the canned food. Drop off either at the Greenside masjid library or at 22 Letaba Street, Emmarentia, South Africa.

Please hurry as there is less than a week left.
Jazakallahu Khair for your efforts.

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One comment

  1. Alhamdulillah Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat has donated several cans to this cause. It was entrusted that Ummul Hasanaat Gauteng deliver the canned food as they are in Johannesburg.
    May Allah accept our small efforts and ease the plight of the starving people of Somalia and surrounding areas. We thank Sister Fayroez for her help in transporting the canned food to the drop off point.
    We will continue collecting funds for this cause Insha’allah.

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