Fake photo of the Grave of The Prophet (SAW)

Fake photo of Grave of the Prophet

We posted an article about a photo which was supposed to have been the Grave of The Prophet (SAW) but later found out that the photo is actually a fake. We have also done some research into the matter and have confirmation (names cannot be mentioned) from sources who have actually seen the grave and they have confirmed that the photo looks nothing like the actual grave. It is however rumored that the photo above was auctioned off at over £90,000.

Fake photo of Grave of the Prophet
Fake photo of Grave of the Prophet
Fake photo of Grave of the Prophet

So whose tomb is this?
It is said that the tomb belongs to none other than Uthman Ghazi, the first sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The shrine in the first picture is thought to be that of Jalalud Din Rumi. Read our post on Jalaud Din Rumi.

What a pity that in so many muslims homes this fake photo hangs. We do apologise for displaying this photo as real but Alhamdulillah the truth has been revealed. Please pass this on to as many muslims as possible. Jazakallah

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