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BOYCOTT the Mail & Guardian newspaper

BOYCOTT the Mail & Guardian newspaper

I never thought that it would hit our shores so fast. Have we not learnt about RESPECT yet? Have we not learnt from the uproar the Danes caused? The Mail & Guardian has “bravely” gone and published a competition to draw The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Islam fobids the drawing of not only Muhammed (PHUH) but of any other Prophet (PBUT).

Why is it that the Mail & Guardian will tempt such a thing? i can only think of one answer – MORE EXPOSURE. We all know that it will create a huge uproar in South Africa therefore everyone will want to buy the paper just to see whats the big deal. Shame on you M&G.

I just feel that we have lost respect for our parents, friends, colleagues, bosses, people and OURSELVES. We hide behind “freedom of speech” and “right of expression” .

Anyway, a newspaper is there to report news – not to disrespect religions. It was NOT necessary to do such a thing. Whats your view point? Once agin be civil.


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