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Ahlann Yaa Muharram!

Ahlann Yaa Muharram! We welcome in the Islamic new year 1431 A.H. We hope and sincerely make du’a to Allah that He will guide us on the straight way, that He will increase our love for deen, that He will protect us from the evils of man; jinn; our nafs; and this dunyaa. We pray that Allah Azza wa Jall will unite the hearts of the Muslims in each home; every town; every city; every country all over the world. We ask of Allah Jalla wa ‘Alaa that He will protect us from attacks on our Imaan; our lives and our homes. We ask for safety and hidaayah to grow stronger in the obedience of Allah and that Allah accept our efforts to spread this great Deenul Islam. We ask Allah to never leave us but to always guide us for without His help we are most certainly of the losers.

Let us make this year count. Let us become better people, examples of the sunnah, people the world will look up to. Let us increase in ‘ibaadah. Let us be kind to each other and love one another. Let us do more for Allah. Let us do good acts only for the pleasure of Allah alone. Let us fix what we can, stop worrying about trivial things and leave the rest to Allah.

Let us always remember that every action has a reaction. Let each one of us do this in the world and see the great impact it has on our lives including the lives of others.

May Allah grant us tawfeeq to turn our good intentions into good actions. May He protect and heal us from our evil ways. May Allah grant us steadfastness in all our good actions. May Allah Azza wa Jall keep us away from sin and calamities and may He always guide, forgive and have mercy on us. Aameen

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