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We miss Ramadhaan

I was having a discussion with my students about what they miss about Ramadhaan. Here’s what some of them had to say…

Shaazia Khan Surtee: “The reason why I love this month is because all the Muslims dress the way Muslims should. We also have many ‘big nights’ to make ibaadah and ask forgiveness. Allah has belessed us with this month, so we must take advantage of it by doing lots of good.”

Zainab Seedat, Munawwarah Tayob, Aaliya Essop, Akeela Ebrahim all agree that: “After a tough day of school the only thing on our minds is to get to madrasah. It’s both fun and educational and we get to learn amazing things about our Great Prophet, how he suffered hardships to spread Islam. We also learn to respect people around us and appreciate our parents.
Ramadhaan is the month of fasting. Treats after after we fast. Mmmmm! We also like the extra 20 raka’ats we read at night, it’s a special time which we only get once a year. It is a beautiful month in which we learn alot about at our madrasah”.

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