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WARNING – Solar flare to hit South Africa today.

A M9-class solar flare erupted on the Sun’s northern hemisphere at 3:49 UT yesterday (23 Jan 2012) which is expected to hit Earth today (24 jan 2012) at around 2pm to 3pm. It is estimated that the flare will hit particularly South Africa at this time because of the low magnetic field at this part of the earth. South Africans are warned and advised to stay out of the sun from 2pm to 3pm today.

There is no confirmation as to what the extent of the damage will be but it is estimated that the flare could cause massive disruptions in communications, electricity, the internet and of course mobile communications. For those thinking that 2012 means the end of the world due to solar flare eruptions… Even at their worst, the sun’s flares are not physically capable of destroying Earth (according to scientific information). Allah Azza wa Jall however is able to whatsoever HE desires.

This image shows the flare being emitted from the Sun. The Sun is approximately 190 times bigger than the Earth and is about 150 million kilometers away. It is ONLY through the mercy of Allah that HE has kept the Sun at this distance for us. Even if the Sun were to move as much as a meter towards the Earth, life as we know it would cease to exist.

Over the past few days the humidity in South Africa has become intolerable where even a mere swimming in a pool in the shade causes sun burn.

With South Africans having such freedom to practice Islam, were have also taken this for granted. Many other countries have been hit by “natural disasters” but we know that these are only from Allah. We often say that we are lucky because South Africa is free from earth quakes, tsunami’s and volcanoes and feel that what could possibly happen to us? Well, Allah is not asleep and believe me we might be in for a huge surprise. We need to look at the wrong we are doing and turn back to Allah as it is easy for HIM to destroy a nation like it was done to the nations before us.

This is a short video of a massive solar flare erupting from the Sun.

The flare is believed to be traveling at a speed of 2200kmph (twice the speed of sound).

We will keep you updated.

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