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Uncivilized Muslims?

In recent years the Hijab or Islamic dress code has come under fire by many non-Muslims throughout the world. In places like France and other European countries, the Hijaab is totally banned. Westerners argue that it is degrading to women, a threat of terrorism and other useless excuses, whereas women continue to be used as sex symbols in movies, adverts and other forms of media. Is this not degrading to women? There has been no respect whatsoever to women today.

Being close to The Creator is NOT only in the heart, but the exterior as well. When one believes in a certain FAITH, he also confirms it by his actions – such as dress, the way he is to people and so forth. The closer we come to God the more modest we automatically find ourselves. Strange but true.

Women throughout the ages have covered their heads in modesty but western mentality says otherwise. It’s strange how in the old movies the women always wore scarves. In the cChristian Church women are not allowed (or at least we not) to pray uncovered – but it has all be modernized today.

Islam is a religion and a complete way of life that is concerned with community cohesion and moral boundaries, therefore the Islamic dress code is a way of ensuring that these boundaries are upheld between unrelated men and women. Modest dressing goes hand in hand with modest behavior, therefore if a women wearing a scarf or hijaab is seeing swearing then she will NOT be fulfilling the requirements of Hijaab.

The Hijaab or even modesty, protects the women from being thought of or looked at as sex objects, slaves, sluts and other derogatory objects, be it in the work place or at home. Women are NOT forced into wearing the Hijaab but rather a choice, although in some Muslim countries it is a requirement – more a culture ruling than Islamic. When we look at the Islamic dress one can very easily see the connection between Islam and Christianity.

The Mother of Nabi Eesa (Jesus) – Peace and blessing upon them – was one of the most modest women and a role model to all women in the world. She was untouched by any man, and would shy away and cover herself when strange men were around. This is why the people were so surprised when she announced that she has a child. It was not because her father locked her away in some dungeon, but the mere fact that she covered herself from strange men. THIS IS TRUE MODESTY. Imagine if all christian women followed the lifestyle of Maryam (AS) – Mary the Mother of Jesus – we would be living in such a bissful world.

Today when Muslim women try to live a life of modesty, they come under attack and are said to be oppressed, stupid, ignorant and uncivilized. Did anyone say that Mary – the Mother of Jesus – was oppressed? NO. Yet she is very quickly forgotten.

Some interesting facts and things to ponder:
1. Why do NUNS cover their head and dress like Muslim women?
2. Why are all religious women depicted in art with their heads covered?
3. Stated by Paul (in the Bible) that a women covering her head is a sign of man’s authority over women.
4. Christian women are to cover their head while praying
5. Statistically – women wearing a scarf or Hijaab are less raped than those not
6. Women dressed modestly gain more respect by men and women
7. A women with no head covering is a disgrace in Christianity

The list goes on and on.

The Hijaab is NOT a symbol of oppression for women, but an upliftment and a symbol of respect that is demanded from MEN and WOMEN.

Every man wishes that his wife can walk the streets covered as no man wants other men to stare at his wife but men are just too scared to tell their wives to cover up – it’s a sad fact.

Women – I advise you to continue to dress modestly and to uphold your values as your are the gems of this world and need to be protected. Stand up for your chastity and in the eyes of God – you are above the rest.

Men – Stop treating women like sex objects and grow up and be men and take the role that you were designed for – to clothe, feed, respect, love and PROTECT women. Remember, your mother, sister or daughter are vulnerable to the same treatment you give to other women.

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