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To My Sister With Love – Syria Campaign

As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum
Another great iniative with the Gift of the Givers presents…

To My Sister With Love Syria Campaign

❤️“To My Sister With Love”❤️

A campaign to empower the grief stricken women of Syria.

This campaign was initiated by Sister Fatima from South Africa, a humble dentist, loving wife and mother to a three year old toddler. She studied Arabic in Jami al Urduniyyah, Jordan and visited Syria from time to time while studying. “Whilst I was studying in Jordan, we went to Syria very often as Damascus is only two hours away from Amman. Syria and it’s people became very dear to my heart”.

Sister Fatima, who after attending a family re-union decided that the family ladies would make up toiletry packs for the women of Syria. Included would be a personal heart felt letter from each of the ladies to show their concern for their grief stricken fellow sisters of Syria. She approached The Gift Of the Givers (GOTG) organisation and asked if they would take it through to Syria along with the many other collected items awaiting to be delivered to Syria. Gift of the Givers however loved the idea so much that they decided to begin a campaign. Hence the birth of the “TO MY SISTER WITH LOVE CAMPAIGN”.

Sister Fatima says “I always wanted to do charitable work but was always too busy, school, then university and then being a mother, now Alhamdulillaah, Allah has finally given me the oppurtunity, and I now don’t ever want to stop”.
May Allah accept all our efforts.

Create a hygiene pack and include:
•Sanitary pads
•Bath soap
•Pocket tissue
•Panty liners
•Hair brush
•Face cloth
•Pair of socks
•Disposable underwear(optional)

Must be 100ml bottles.
Expiry date at least 6 months.
Kindly encase in a flat toiletry bag.
Most importantly sisters,include in it a letter or message of Love, Hope and Support from one woman to another.

The first week of Ramadaan 1435 In-shaa-Allah.

Visit www.facebook@ummulhasanaat.co.za for updates on this campaign.

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