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Fulfilling your obligation on learning Deen

As Salaamu Alaykum

We hope that all our students are doing thorough revision of their work at home. End of second term exams are round the corner. Tell the kids to study hard! It’s great to see so many enthusiastic young students in their Islamic studies, especially Grade 11 students. These days, so much emphasis is put on school that it completely overshadows Islamic studies. This emphasis is made by the parents and thus the child grows accustomed to this mind-set. The youth in the prime of their exciting lives sometimes forget the bigger picture in life, who has time to think about Allah? Parents sometimes say, “Never mind, we were young once upon a time too”. Dear Parents remember, Allah remembers YOU when you remember Him!

To all the parents, those of you who are facilitating revision with your kids… Keep up the good work for the pleasure of Allah. You make it so worthwhile when you work hand in hand with the teacher. Without this relationship, a good student can never be.

To the parents who are always busy… make time for your kids. Islamic studies is a study that helps you not only in this world but in the next one especially, when we will wish that we had more time to remember Allah. Not everyone will become theologians (Aalims,etc) but everyone will indeed face the loneliness of the Qabr, and undoubtedly face Allah Azza wa Jall on Yaum ul Hisaab. Islamic knowledge is a dire necessity and should be given it’s due importance… Not to please teachers, but to please Allah and save ourselves from calamity and disgrace in this world and the next.

Teach your kids, learn with them, laugh with them. Make learning your Deen ul Islam fun. Never make it as or even insinuate it as a  punishment because then a child will never love to do anything associated with Deen ul Islam. Each day in their lives is a day you will never get back. Morals, etiquette and good manners are first on the list. It starts with YOU. Remind your children about Allah constantly. Let them call you a nag, a killjoy, a dudley do-right or whatever they want. On the day when everything will testify whether you as a parent fulfilled your haqq (right) to give your children Deen, you will reply to Allah that you did indeed fulfill your duty. A duty more important than college education and financial stability – this right of Islamic education to your children. Mothers, I know you get tired, but if you don’t do it, who will? Fathers, if you are going out and earning your livelihood and then coming home, making that time, tired as you may be, sitting at home with your children and teaching them Deen, Alhamdulillah. We need more dads like you.
Be firm with your kids, but don’t drive them away with harshness. Do not make Deen difficult for them because we indeed have a perfect religion with no “haraj” therein. So make the most of it. Be a good example by being who you are supposed to be – a parent who submits to the will of Allah.

Was Salaamu Alaykum

Mu’allimah Sa’uda

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