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Sierra Leone Qur-aan Project

As you know our Ramadaan Reward Chart is available for download or you could purchase a printed copy from us. Included in the printed copy are 39 stickers, one sticker for each day of Ramadhaan and 9 extra stickers for Good Deeds done. This makes fasting fun for kids and encourages them to Fast.
Proceeds from the Ramadhaan Chart will be forwarded to Jamiat Ulama KZN for Sierra Leone.

The Jamiatul Ulama(KZN) received a request from Imaam Ismail Musaally for assistance in supplying Sierra Leone, with Quran Sharifs due to the great scarcity of Qurans in that country. Imaam Ismail who hails from Sierra Leone, currently serves as an Imaam at Musjid Abdullah in Georgia, Atlanta, USA and often visits his native country for spiritual upliftment of his people.

Alhamdulillah, the Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) undertook to assist in this project and by the grace of Allah and with the support of the Muslim community of South Africa, the first stage of assessment and distribution was conducted in April 2012. 10 000 Qurans were shipped from India to Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa.

Sierra Leone, a country with 75% Muslim population, was ravaged by a decade-long civil war between 1991 and 2002. Till today, the battle scars of the war are visible in the country. Dilapidated buildings and bullet-ridden homes are a regular feature on the landscape.

The Muslims in Sierra Leone, as in several parts of Africa, in spite of their poverty and hardships, are staunch in their Deen and Imaan. During the week-long stay, the writer visited many Masaajid throughout Sierra Leone wherein he personally witnessed the non-availability of Qurans.

Wooden slates are the norm for learning and teaching as printed Islamic material is simply out of the reach of the average Sierra Leonean. The Muallim (teacher) writes the lesson on the wooden slate and after the lesson is memorized, the slate is rubbed clean for the new lesson. There is no option for revision. What is memorised, stays memorised by the students.
Amazing are the methods that Allah uses to preserve His Deen!

Below is a list of the areas and institutions that were visited wherein Qur’an Shareefs were distributed. Due to the limited number of Qur’ans, only a small amount was allocated per institution with the promise to make more available in the future, Insha’Allah. The Jamiatul Ulama KZN has undertaken to continue providing Quraan Shareefs and other learning aids to the Muslim Community. Persons interested in either sponsoring a Maktab, Qur’ans or any other learning and teaching aid are requested to contact our offices for further details.

  • Freetown (Capital of Sierra Leone), 100 organisations and institutes: 5000 Qurans distributed.
  • Kafu Bullom Chiefdom, 51 organisations and institutes: 1554 Qurans distributed.
  • Port Loko District (northern province), 23 organisations and institutes: 504 Qurans distributed.
  • Marampa Chiefdom – Lunsar: 500 Qurans distributed
  • Makeni/Bombali District: 452 Qurans distributed.
  • Magboroka/Tonkolile District, 17 Arabic Schools: 744 Qurans distributed.
  • Nimiyama Chiefdom, 8 Islamic Schools: 308 Qurans distributed.
  • Kono District, Ansarul Islam, 35 Musjids, organisations and institutes: 740 Qurans distributed.
  • Kenema Central, 164 Musjids organisations and institutes: 648 Qurans distributed.

May Allah Ta’ala accept the contributions of all the donors and continue using us for the progress and advancement of His Deen. Ameen.

Ml. Abdullah Khan (Administrator-Jamiat Ulama-KZN)
visit www.jamiat.org.za

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