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Seerah Quiz – a success

Alhamdulillah the Seerah quizzes were wonderful! Both the foundation phase and senior grades were all set to go. The questions were barely asked and the flags went up flying! A few of them even broke! Guess the excitement was too much.

A brief address on the “Importance of Studying Seerah” was given, foundation phase began with nasheed “Tala’al Badru ‘Alaynaa”, then the quiz began. Grades R to 2 were mixed and each had their chance to answer questions related to their grade. Students were grouped in three all of whom were named after historical masaajid, viz; Nabawi, Aqsa and Qubaa. First round was Individual round where each student had to answer their own questions. Second round was Team-work and last round was Rapid Fire where the flags kept flying up and down.

Grade 3’s were divided into three teams, all named after the swords of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) viz; Dhulfiqaar, Ma’thoor and Tabaar. Team Ma’thoor was exceptional leaving no team a chance to even breathe a word which resembled an answer. Muhammad Docrat and Rumaysah Moola of Grade 3 raised their flag together so high as if it were battle. It was really a matter of who was “quickest on the draw” as each team equally raised their flags at every question. We are proud of the enthusiasm shown by our children.

Winning team for the Grade R to 2 was the Nabawi team despite the broken flag! Refreshments were served after the du’a was made by a Maajidah Dindaar of Grade 2. The children’s faces brimmed with delight and a sense of achievement as they walked around with their medals still dangling from their necks, certificates in hand.

The week after saw the senior grades’ quiz. A slightly more nervous lot of students took their places for their nasheed (Badru ‘Alaynaa as well) after a quick opening presentation by Grade 7 student, Aadilah Patel. Speeches on the “Mercy and Character of the Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam)” were also given by Mu’allimah Maseeha Lakhi and Grade 9 student, Aaliya Paruk. Then it was all systems go! Teams were split in four- Hashim vs Zuhrah and Sa’d vs Taim. As previously mentioned rounds were Individual, Team-work and Rapid-Fire where the beautiful black and red flag of Hashim flew high taking gold as did Sa’d.

Another nasheed (Chosen One-vocals only) filled the room as a prelude to the Seerah Star of the Year Quiz. Two heats allowed the finalists to get ready for the show-down. After brilliant, quick-answering and fast flag-waving, Grade 7 student, Zainab Omar was honoured with the title of Seerah Star of the Year 1433 AH. Subhaanallah she was unstoppable!
In second place was Grade 9 student Aaliya Paruk and Grade 5’s Sumayyah Rasool was third. All finalists received a little trophy for their achievement and all participants in the Individual Seerah Star if the Year received certificates.

Another beautiful nasheed “Zammilooni” by twins, Aliza and Azhara Ramjan of Grade 5 and Humazah Olla of Grade 4 initiated the closing of the quiz. The event closed with a tearful speech by Grade 5’s Ayesha Kajee and du’a by Grade 9’s Sumayya Badat. Final “Du’a when leaving a gathering” was read by the Olla sisters (Khadija and Tasneem of Grade 9), then… refreshments! It was a beautiful spiritually uplifting event where the youth learnt about their Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) in a fun way within limits of Shari’ah.

To the hosts (owners of the venue), sponsor of certificates, guests, parents, children and teachers at Ummul Hasanaat- Jazaakallahu khairal Jazaa! We are the triangle that makes great students. Great students are those with sincere hearts, good character, studious and moreover those who obey Allah and adhere to the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (SAW) and his Righteous Successors.

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