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Sayyidinaa Ibraheem’s (Alayhis Salaam) sacrifice of Isma’eel (Alayhis Salaam)

Ibraheem (Alayhis Salaam) had asked Allah for a son as Saarah (Alayhas Salaam) was barren and Ibraheem (AS) was old.
“O my Lord! Grant me a righteous son!” (37:100) was his call to Allah. 
Against every expectation, Allah fullfilled his promise of making Ibraheem (AS) the seed of a great line of Prophets, the root of the great universal religions. “So we gave him the good news of a forbearing boy” (37:101).
There was joy and rejoicing in Ibraheem’s (AS) house as Ismail was quickly growing. But Allah decided that it was not to remain so. Ibraheem (AS) was to be tried once more. Ibraheem (AS) had a vision in which he was commanded by Allah to slaughter his only son.what it must have meant for Ibrahim to be commanded by Allah Ta’ala to sacrifice his only son Ismaeel (AS). The magnitude of the pain does not allow the imagination to enclose it. It inspires fear and trembling. Only after the third vision did he finally decide to carry out Allah’s command. This is reflected in the hajj of stoning the three pillars (Jimaar) representing Iblees who tempted Ibraheem (AS) to disobey Allah.

But Ibraheem (AS), Khaleel-ul-Allah, the intimate friend of Allah, had faith in Allah and he knew that Allah Ta’ala demanded the sacrifice. Ibraheem’s (AS) conscience would make a mockery of all these logical justifications and reasons. 
Ibraheem (AS) chose the Love of Allah over the Love of self, Prophethood over Fatherhood, Loyalty to Allah over Loyalty to family, Truth over Reality, Consciousness over Instinct, Responsibility over Pleasure, Duty over Right, Tawheed over Shirk. He preferred Advancing to Remaining. 
Ibraheem (AS) chose Allah and gave up Ismaeel (AS).
In Mina, an amazing and frightening conversation between a father and a son took place. 
Ibraheem (AS) said to Ismaeel (AS): “O my Son, I see in a vision that I offer you in sacrifice. Now see what is your view? ” (37:102) 
What frightening words for a child to hear! 
Ismaeel (AS) could have kept silent. He could have asked Ibraheem (AS) to refrain. 
But Ismaeel (AS) also had faith. He submitted to Allah’s will. Realising his father’s distress, Ismaeel (AS) gave him these comforting words : “O my father! Do as you are commanded. You will find me, if Allah so wills, patient and constant ” (37:102) 
Ibraheem (AS) had consulted his son who willingly offered himself to Allah’s command. The choice of Ibraheem (AS) was sacrifice. That of Ismaeel (AS) was self-sacrifice – Martyrdom. 
This gave Ibraheem (AS) strength. He walked until he reached the place of sacrifice. Ibraheem (AS) was suffering while believing and at every moment it was possible for him to retract and turn back. Yet he layed Ismaeel (AS) on the ground, putting his face away from him to give strength to carry out the comand of Allah. And so as he began slaughtering Ismaeel (AS) but by Allah’s grace, the knife did not cut. Allah sent down a ram and Allah mentions in the Qur’aan Kareem: 
”O Ibrahim! You have confirmed the Vision Thus indeed do We reward those who do right This is indeed the manifest trial!”
What difficult tests the Ambiyaa (AS) faced due to their nearness to Allah, yet Ibraheem (AS) had yaqeen in Allah. When a believer trusts Allah, He will never forsake his slave. Allah is not a cruel and unjust Lord!

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