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Rose Park Sharing Day – A Success

Canvas painted by Grade 6 student Aadila Patel for Rose Park charity
Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat hosted it’s Rose Park Sharing Day on 19 October 2011. Students purchased snack-packs and painted a picture or canvas in aid of the Rose Park Project. We thank the art team, Aadila and Faheemah Docrat for overseeing the painting. Thank you to all the donations we received. Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat, both Newcastle and Johannesburg have small numbers and we didn’t think that we would raise much. It feels good to say that we raised R1900. That’s big for us considering that this amount was solely reached through the Sharing Day and the student’s (parents) and teachers.
I have a student in grade 3 whose sister is physically and mentally challenged. I hear her stories and marvel at the love she has for her older sister and the patience her mother has. It brings tears to my eyes. When I mentioned the Rose Park Project, she was overjoyed and said that one day she would visit the park with her sister. Sharing Day for Rose Park was one step closer for that little girl and many others.

Please visit our Gallery to view pictures on the Sharing Day.

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