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Ramadhaan Mubaarak to you all!

Ramadhaan is here! When I heard a few minutes ago that the hilaal has been sighted, I shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and the tears just started to run down my face. I am so grateful that Allah has kept me on earth to experience another glorious month. I keep reading that Ramadhaan du’a (the one we posted). I want this to be a spiritually uplifting Ramadhaan for me.

If we were completing one Qur’aan in other months, let’s make it two. Whatever good we were doing, let’s increase. Ladies, let’s chill off the phones a bit and get engaged in thikrullah and salawaat instead. Young ones, let our fingers be busy in the remembrance of Allah turning the pages of the Qur’aan rather than on our Blackberrys and iPhones,etc. Let’s stop talking about people’s faults and love each other for Allah’s sake and cover each other’s faults. Let us give preference of ‘ibaadah over business. Let’s make the effort in the cold (here in South africa), or whatever difficulty there may be, let’s sacrifice it all for this Shahr Mubaarak, Shahrul Qur’aan – Ramadhaan. We will wake for thee Allah, we will lose sleep and forsake our beds for thee Allah, we will brave the cold and the laziness of the heat for thee Allah, we will cry and beg in the lonely hours of the night for thee Allah because Thou art the One who answers our prayers.

Please accept our efforts Yaa Rabb! Forgive us, our sins, major and minor. Have mercy on us O the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Unite our hearts and keep us steadfast so that our eating will please thee, our fasting will please thee, our prayers will please thee and every action will be for thee, only to please thee and thee alone.

We do not know when we will see another month. Let us not waste every precious second of this month. We wish our readers and the entire Ummah a blessed Ramadhaan! Allahu taqabbal minnaa wa minkum! (Allah accept our good actions, Aameen!)

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