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Ramadhaan Mabrouk to you all

Ahlann Ramadhaan!! Shukr to Allah that we witness another Ramadhaan this year, we do not know for how long. We here in South Africa have finished our second sawm Alhamdulillah! I just love this month!

We pray that Allah grants us what all Mu’minoon seek to achieve during this mubarak month- humility, patience, sacrifice, self-restraint, asking forgiveness, love for others as we love for ourselves, gaining nearness to Allah and the ultimate pleasure of Allah.
May Allah grant us the strength to strive in the remembrance of Allah through our weariness and weakness. Let not this month pass as an ordinary month, what losers we shall be if we do not take advantage of the rewards Allah has promised!

May Allah hear our prayers and unite our hearts. This is indeed the month of reformation, the month of the Qur’aan, the month of mercy.

May Allah keep us steadfast in A’maal us Saalihaat (righteous deeds) during Ramadhaan and out of it.

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