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Project Palestine

19 August 2014 / 23 Shawwaal 1435 AH

Gaza and the West Bank are home to one of history’s longest-running humanitarian crises. Violence and isolation have devastated the economy and social service systems, forcing nearly 50% of the population into poverty.

The damage inflicted on Gaza’s power and water infrastructure has led to acute water shortages and no electricity for days. Whatever water is available is not sufficient for basic hygiene and even the drinking water is not of a good quality, making it unsuitable to drink.

This war on Gaza has left 2080 people massacred in the strip, 560 of them children, 255 women and 79 aged. More than 12 000 injured and 330 000 children psychologically traumatised. And the death toll is still mounting.

Over 10 600 homes destroyed with almost the same amount of Gazans injured. 17 000 tons of bombs, shelling and rockets have been used on this beleaguered strip of land. That is ten times more than what was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And it may still not be over as people anxiously await the increase of hours regarding ceasefire.

Schools, homes and businesses have been destroyed. Over 520 000 people are homeless out of a population of 1.8 million. The cost to rebuild will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

Doctors at hospitals in Gaza like Shifa Hospital and others give first hand witness of the atrocities of the Israeli Defence Forces on civilians. Rafah’s Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital was closed after being shelled by Israeli tanks. Can you imagine… A hospital bombed with dying and injured civilians! Where can these people go?

The people of Gaza who have the will to survive against all odds, people having to face the wrath of an unsympathetic foe, unjustfully denied basic needs and medical assistance! As the number of casualties increase, medical supplies decease.


The Colours of Hope Organisation announces Project Palestine- A fund that will remain open for Gaza and surrounding areas in Palestine.
Project Palestine, a Colours of Hope Initiative is raising funds for two NGOs currently, viz; the Gift of the Givers
http://www.giftofthegivers.org and the Save Gaza Project http://www.savegazaproject.org

We will be raising funds for medical supplies which the Gift of Givers will take through to Gaza InshaaAllah.
Gift of the Givers need no introduction. The largest disaster response NGO on the African continent responded by delivering emergency medical supplies and food aid inside Gaza within 12 hours of the commencement of the bombing on 8 July 2014. However supplies were not allowed to enter into Gaza.

The Al-Tawheed Organisation (the organisation to whom the Save Gaza Project proceeds go to) is a civil, cultural, social, and charitable organization which aims to unite the community. Al-Tawheed Association is not affiliated with any political party, nor does it get involved in politics. It was established in  05/11/2002 and registered within the Associations Department, at the Ministry of Interior – Palestinian National Authority under the number 7232 as a non-governmental institution. Learn more about them at http://al-tawheed.org/en/

Al-Tawheed and Save Gaza Project a joint cooperation, was held lately, that during this recent aggression on Gaza by the Israeli occupation, there will be joint cooperation between the two institutions in solidarity goal to deliver aid that comes from the outside to the victims of war through relief projects approved by the committee, composed of both sides of the partnership Dr. Basel Abuwarda and Mr. Khalil Habib.

Funds will also be collected for other Palestinian causes, but we will notify the public as and when we choose to partner with a humanitarian group or to which group our funds will be donated.

The people of Gaza need us in their time of need. The cowardly oppressors use firepower in their attempt to wipe out a populace who have done nothing but stand up for their right! People teaming with such potential yet so suppressed. People who resist in their fight to exist.

Don’t just go on with your life while the world watches thousands being slaughtered. Stand up and make a difference. Donate now and save a life.

Any amount is welcome. Only LILLAAH will be accepted, NO zakaah. Any donation in the form of cash may be deposited or electronically transferred (eft) to:

Acc name: Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat

Bank: First National Bank
Type: Business Cheque Account

Account Number: 62342996800

Universal Code: 250655 
or Branch Code: 270324

Ref: Project Palestine

Follow us on twitter.com/ColoursOfHopeZA and Facebook.com/ColoursOfHopeZA

Website coming soon!

Contact the following persons for more info on this project:

coloursofhope@ummulhasanaat.co.za 082 886 4604 – Kaashifa Jamal

sauda@ummulhasanaat.co.za 079 498 3479 – Sa’uda Ismail

fatima8@webmail.co.za 083 288 2538 – Fatima Abrahams

allauddin@giftofthegivers.org 083 667 7179 – Allauddin

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