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Life Orientation for Success in Both Worlds

No subject has caused as much confusion, concern and conflict upon its introduction into the syllabus of South African schools as did the subject ‘Life Orientation’. Educators were confused because they had little or no …

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Books of previous Ambiya

The Torah was a Holy Scripture but has been altered Q. In the Qur’aan it states that we as Muslims believe in the books Torah and Bible (revelations) and that Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) …

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Madrasah Time Change

Dear Parent / Guardian Please take note of the following: Madrasah closes on 02 April 2009 (Thursday) / 06 Rabiul Aakhir 1430 A.H for the first term break and re-opens 15 April 2009 / 19 …

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