Muharram 1438 AH


It is the birth of a new year once again. Here in SA, 01 Muharram 1438 coincided with 03 October 2016. I’ve been away from the site for a long time. So much has happened in my life for the past year. Happiness, sadness, a new life given and a precious life taken. It has indeed been trying. Sitting and reflecting with introspection, I ask myself, other than losing my father, who was without doubt very dear to me, what have I gained? In the previous year I was trying, battling rather, to go through my tests with ‘aafiyah. Today in this New year of 1438 I wonder if I could have done better, but more importantly, how have those tests shaped me now? If I didn’t change for the better than I failed my test. If I became harsher to my family, I failed. If I became bitter and more fearful of a life that has no guarantees, then I failed my test. If I didn’t come closer to Allah in any way that I can, I am most certainly a miserable loser. I don’t want this to be a post about death but about being the best you can be in this new year, because the bottom line is that we only have the present; today; NOW. We only have NOW. We say life is short but it never hits home until you lose someone really close to you who is missed at almost every turn. We never truly realise how we HAVE to make the most of what we have NOW.

Don’t delay in doing good actions.
Don’t delay in prayer (salaah).
Don’t delay in reading the book of Allah (Qur-an)
Don’t delay in asking forgiveness of Allah and of people we hurt.
Don’t delay in apologizing for the wrong you did.
Don’t delay in telling someone how awesome they are or what they really mean to you in your life.
Don’t delay in visiting the sick or the bereaved, or just picking up that phone and having a decent conversation with that loved one.
Don’t delay in living life with your family, with ALL of you. Give your all to your family in spending quality time together, learning and teaching each other.
Don’t delay in making a difference in your own life first, and the lives of others.

Because tomorrow might never come. Don’t be caught unaware when death comes and it’s too late for any of the things we delayed in. Let’s pray and supplicate to Allah. Du’a, du’a, du’a. Ask, ask, ask of Allah for He never tires to listen to us. May this new year be one of peace and unity, patience, understanding and love. May Allah bring renewed effort into weary hearts, love into the dead hearts, guidance into the diseased and confused hearts, reassurance and calm in the restless hearts, courage into the fearful hearts, and may He strengthen the weak hearts. And He will most certainly be with us if we truly want to be better people.

If you’ve just read this post, don’t forget to supplicate to Allah for me too. Spare a du’a for those who are oppressed and in difficulty. Let’s make a difference where we can with what we have. #Muharram1438

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