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Mail & Guardian apologises

Mail & Guardian editor, Nic Dawes, said  Zapiro’s latest offering was much gentler than usual.
“It depicts the Prophet Mohammed lying on a psychologist’s couch and making a joke about how other prophets’ followers have more of a sense of humour,” Dawes said.
The Mail and Guardian has tended an official apology to the Muslim community for the Zapiro cartoon that appeared in the paper last Friday, 21 May 2010. The decision was confirmed by an official communiqué from representatives attending the meeting between the United Muslim forum and the paper three days ago.
M&G editor, Nic Dawes said, “We are apologising for the harm we have caused, I think that is what we are clearly stating”. The two sides were locked in intense debate and discussion regarding the nature of the cartoon. Dawes said it has been a learning experience for him as he had learnt the level of reverence that Muslims hold for Nabi Muhammad (SAW).
“It has been communicated to us very clearly the depth of reverence the Muslim community holds for the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in particular and I think we understand that much more strongly now then we did a week ago.” According to the M&G, they will be reviewing, “editorial policies on religious matters broadly and the depiction of the Prophet (SAW) in particular.”
The review process will be informed by consultation with religious leaders but not limited to the UMF-SA. The statement went on to say that they, “commit during the review period to honouring the prohibition on the representation of the Prophet (SAW)”. Dawes added that he was not expecting such a strong response from the Muslim community.
The entire saga has united the Muslim community bringing various organisations together that were previously antagonistic towards each other.

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