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Islam in Ukraine (Part 2)

We continue the letter from a brother in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal regarding the report on Islam in Ukraine.

“I have also requested Moulana Abed and Qari Nazeer to send a 3 day jamaat from Kiev and Kharkov to Odessa, so that they can spend 3 days in the masjid I am in, and I can teach them the 6 points of Tableegh, aadaab of ghasht (jawla), how to do jawla, etc. I will also try and send a jamaat from Odessa to Kiev and Kharkov.

There is absolutely no concept of segregation (of men and women) here, not even in the masaajid. The men and women enter the masjid from the same entrance, and men and women can even see each other whilst inside the masjid.
In our country, when bayaans or programs take place, everyone starts coming closer to the speaker, however, what happens here is that after salaah, if a bayaan is starting, everyone gets up and goes to sit against the walls of the masjid with their legs stretched out. Three walls of the masjid are occupied by the men and one wall is occupied by the women. So that is how the bayaan takes place, whilst men and women are in full view of each other. During the bayaan more and more women start to come in, they pass all the men and go sit where the women are sitting. Women freely ask questions to the Shaikh whilst his lessons are in progress and he answers them.
Therefore, even in the masaajid, men are not safe from the temptation of women.

Once a person from Georgia approached me, he said he has accepted Islam 3 years ago and he wants to know If I could please test him Surah Zilzaal, I said “Yes no problem”. He was shocked with my answer. He said “Are you serious? You are actually able to test me? “ I said “Definitely, why not?” He then recited to me in a very beautiful manner, with correct tajweed. He asked me if there were any mistakes , I said that there weren’t any. He began jumping for joy, as if he had won some competition. He then said, “Please test me Surah Faatihah.” I said “Okay.” He recited Surah Faatihah correctly as well. Then he said “I’m sorry to trouble you, but how about testing me Surah Falaq and Naas?” I tested him that too. I told him that everything was correct. It seemed as if it was the happiest day of his life. In the meanwhile, whilst testing him, people from different parts of the masjid rushed to come sit around me, it was as if today was the first time that they could actually get their surahs tested by an aalim. A group of people sat behind me and everyone wanted me to hear them out.
I had hardly tested a few people and it was time for salaah. The people didn’t want to even get up for salaah but eventually they had to.

This is the type of thirst these people have. They are dying to have people around them who have knowledge of Deen so that they can always refer to them.
A pakistani man began reading his sunnah of salaah and a group of turks came behind him and read their sunnahs in jamaat (congregation) with him because they don’t know how to read sunnahs of salaah, so whatever he did, they copied him.

Brother Suhail Siddiqui said that Alhamdulillah, through the movement of Jamaats in and out of the country, and through the Ulama coming for the month of Ramadhaan, a seed has been planted in this country. However, much more effort is needed for this seed of Deen to grow and spread like wildfire throughout the country. He said this country is going through different stages. First it started with Jamaats visiting the country now and then, thereafter this tarteeb of Ulama coming for the month of Ramadaan started. He appreciates these two things and hopes there is an increase in it. However, he said now the country is in dire need of the third stage, and that is for ulama to come and settle down here in different parts of the country, with their families, so that full-time, people can have someone to turn to, the ladies can refer to the aalims wife, and at least there children can learn proper Deen.

There is no proper maktab system here. The brothers here complain that their children are growing up now and they are very concerned about them. Yes, they do send their children to the different shuyookh here to learn Qur’aan and Surahs, but the aspect of Fiqh, Akhlaaq, Sunnah, Basic Masaa’il, etc is lacking.

The brothers here say “We always perform 2 rakaats of Salaah in Shaikh Ahmad Tamim’s Masjid, which is huge and beautiful, and we cry to Allah, that Yaa Allah, you make this masjid a Markaz for the entire Russia”. We told them that don’t worry, insha Allah that day will definitely come, but first they themselves need to become an example for the people here. They need to spend four months as soon as possible and come back and do the work here. We also made their tashkeel that every year when they go home for holiday to Pakistan, they should first go to Raiwind and spend some time in Jamaat and then go to their villages. They made intention to do this.

Insha Allah we will be completing the Qur’aan on the 27th night of Ramadhaan, therafter myself and Qari Nazeer will return to Kiev and spend the last two days of Ramadhaan with Moulana Abed and the brothers there.

We will perform our Eid Salaah at Shaikh Ahmad Tamim’s Masjid and be his guests for the Day of Eid.

We request du’aas that Allah Ta’ala accepts this safar (journey) and makes it a means of Hidaayah for us all,”

Abdul Ghani Ganie,

Odessa, Ukraine

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