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In Defense of the Ummah

In Defense of the Ummah

The underlying principles by which the Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) operates is that of Islamic Brotherhood and unity. One may well take an example of the time when the Byzantine emperor made a proposal of alliance to Hadrat Mu’aawiya Radiyallaahu anhu, to assist him against Hadrat Ali Radiyallaahu anhu. Hadrat Mu’aawiya Radiyallaahu anhu’s answer can be understood as: “In your conflict with Hadrat Ali Radiyallaahu anhu, I (Mu’aawiya) will be in the front row of Hadrat Ali Radiyalaahu anhu against you”.

In March this year a motion was initiated by Mr Tony Naidoo (Chairman of a “CONCERNED CITIZEN’S COUNCIL”) to challenge what he termed as the “exploitive and dishonest commercial Halaal certification business”.

Hereunder follows the Jamiatul Ulama KZN’s response to his correspondence received on the 21st of March 2008.

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