Half Yearly Exams

As Salaamu Alaykum

We hope that all our students are doing thorough revision of their work at home. End of second term exams are round the corner. Study hard! It’s great to see so many enthusiastic youngsters in their Islamic studies, especially Grade 11 students. We realise your tiring school work load and yet you still attend punctually and learn with great “zeal and enthusiasm”. I like to use the word “Hirs” in Arabic. May Allah be pleased with you all! These days, so much emphasis is put on school that it completely overshadows Islamic studies. The youth in the prime of their exciting lives many a time, forget the bigger picture in life, who has time to think about Allah? Remember, Allah remembers YOU when you remember Him!

Madrasah closes 09 June 2010 for a looong break. (Gauteng closes 27 May). Ummul Hasanaat Newcastle gets back into work-mode on 13 July 2010, Gauteng on 02 August 2010. Last day of madrasah is a well deserved pizza party for Grades 4 and up for Newcastle, all grades for Gauteng. Lower grades choose and bring their own snacks. Report cards and assessments will be  handed out on 09 June 2010 (Newcastle only). Parents / Guardians of Grade 00 must come in personally to pick up Half Yearly Portfolio and Assessment. It’s gonna be good Insha’allah. But till then study, study, study. Reach for the stars Young Muslims. We know you can.

Lots of love
Mu’allimah Sa’uda (Newcastle), Mu’allimah Kaashifa (Gauteng) and the rest of the staff at Ummul Hasanaat
Was Salaamu Alaykum

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